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Our Story—

 Barcemoda presents the ultimate in Spanish sophistication in a single, digital destination.

 Our objective is to bring to America, to be able to provide the best service, high quality products that are made attending the highest European quality standards with the best quality materials at an unbeatable value.

 We select among Spain’s most sought-after brands and the country’s flourishing talent that meets the high quality standards that Barcemoda requires


Why spanish product?

“Spain is the country where the best shoes in the world are made. It is impossible to find more qualified and involved workers”– quoted Stuart Weitzmanin an interview 11/28/2013

A country that has become the big shoe maker of Europe but has few brands that start to be recognized in the international markets.

 Not many people know that these brands make all of, or parts of, their shoes in Spain:

  • Stuart Weitzman (all their shoes are made in Spain)
  • Chanel sandals
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Prada
  • Dolce & Gabanna

 Barcemoda offers you the opportunity to buy the quality of the products that are done in Spain with the service levels that the American market strives for, and some of the brands are offered in exclusivity  for the American market.

 We offer the best service, best quality and best prices as, remember, that even if the shoes we are selling are made in the same factories than recognized brands and using similar materials, the price is much more competitive being brands not recognized yet internationally.


 Our Brands—

 MAS34 by Adriana Balcells (In exclusivity)

Expertly crafted in Spain with the worldly woman in mind, MAS34 by Adriana Balcells sets the standard for style and comfort. Available in a range of styles, from stilettos and wedges to flat sandals and booties, the shoe label is comprehensive giving women the options they desire.

From the highest heel to the flattest soles, MAS34 by Adriana Balcells' line is designed for comfort. Stilettos feature a special 4mm gel cushion that’s reinforced and leather tear in the heel of the insole to guarantee comfort with each step. Traditional wedges are made lighter for easier strides, while flat sandals get extra attention to ensure that even shoes low to the ground are high on style and support.

Made in Spain with european materials, MAS34 by Adriana Balcells is committed to upholding European construction and quality.






Barcemoda Brand coming soon...