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Take Care Of Your Feet. Understand The Difference Between A Good Shoe And A Bad Shoe

Your foot, quite literally, is the foundation of your body. Like the foundation of a structure needs to be strong, your feet also need 200 percent of your attention.

The ancient technique of acupuncture also says that your foot has the maximum number of pressure points. These points can solve a lot of your problems like body pain, headache or even an upset stomach.

These are the reasons why you need to take care of your feet and be very selective when buying shoes.

What differentiates the quality of a shoe?

1) The shoe has to adapt to your feet. Use materials that stretches and adapt to your feet. The shoe has to be tight but never hurt.

2) The material of the shoe has to allow the foot to perspire. Avoid plastics and other materials that don’t allow your feet to perspire.

3) The shoe has to be comfortable. Even with high heels there is a very big difference in comfort depending on the structure of the shoe and how it is made.

4) Shoe weight is very important to assure comfort.

5) Good quality shoes are much more durable due to the quality of the materials.

At Barcemoda (, we select the shoes that are outstanding in comfort and quality with an unbeatable value. Let us take care of your feet!