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How to clean suede shoes

Suede, also known as nubuck, is a material with an elegant appearance and a warm texture, very common in the manufacture of footwear. It is liked because of the aesthetics and the protection it offers. It is soft, thin and ductile, which makes it easy to adapt very quickly to the shape of the foot resulting pleasant. As for its use, it is usually linked to informal occasions, but it is undeniable that there are fewer and fewer barriers in the world of fashion, so that suede shoes, whether stilettos, flat shoes, sandals, booties, boots, etc., will always be suitable. In MAS34 the suede is used as one of the star materials in the making of many of the shoe models. Obviously, always of first quality and with an artisan finish -made in Spain- excellent. Suede designs that fall in love. In comparison with other materials such as tanned leather or patent leather, the suede is extremely delicate and requires certain care that must be followed in order to last untouched for as long as possible.